PRG Energy publishes a series of concise and informative market reports throughout the year in oil & gas, power generation and renewables. Our reports utilize unique in-house proprietary intelligence with our range of analytical tools developed specifically to gauge trends and patterns in the energy sector. Having access to the best quality studies is crucial in developing the correct strategy for achieving business success.

Our reports include an assessment of the political, financial and regulatory business regime. We also assess the strategic plans of operators and major contractors in the industry.

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UK Upstream Report 2014

The UK Upstream oil & gas industry continues to offer exciting opportunities. As the 27th licensing round projects begin to take shape our latest report illustrates what’s on offer. We analyse projects, the fiscal regime, the competitive landscape, spend profiles, the rig market, the impact of the Independents and the how the supply chain is shaping up.

Recent trends indicate a shift towards subsea processing and development with an increase in tie-backs and shared infrastructure deals. PRG Energy assesses this impact on upcoming projects and the role of ever improving technical solutions on cost projections.

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UK Thermal and Nuclear Power Generation Report 2015

Understand how the impacts of Electricity Market Reform, shale gas and low carbon targets will effect investment and new build projects in the UK. This report focuses on large scale projects over 300MWe including combined cycle plant, nuclear, biomass and investment projects undertaken by the national grid.

The latest report will include a special section on the new build nuclear opportunities including detail on supply chain structure, spend profiles, major equipment packages and required support services.

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UK Offshore Wind Report 2015

PRG Energy combines the latest outlooks for the UK offshore wind industry analyzing Round 2 and Round 3 projects in detail. This report contains an insight into supply chain developments and impacts on project delivery, political issues and market reform, cost performance and operational maintenance requirements for a potential 33GW of installed offshore wind power.

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Energy Supply Chain Report 2015

In this exciting new report PRG Energy looks at the global and regional issues that have bearing on energy sector supply chains. Commodity prices, labour rates, government assistance, security and e-procurement are some of the major drivers. We analyse the complex dynamics involved and assess which factors are likely to make significant impacts.