Building a close and trusted relationship with the client is paramount to mutual success. PRG Energy offers a range of specialist consultancy services. We work closely with clients to establish capability assessments, gap analysis and supply chain positioning, plus strategic planning reviews.

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We ensure our clients fully understand the markets and their risks and are prepared with the correct knowledge to participate successfully in tendering opportunities for major projects.

Our proprietary intelligence of the market position coupled with an in-depth knowledge of financial and regulatory factors ensure we are able to provide a realistic and balanced opinion of the business outlook.

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Project Feasibility Studies

Project development requires serious and often difficult decisions. PRG Energy works hard to make this process less stressful. We undertake detailed feasibility studies allowing developers to make the optimal investment decisions. PRG Energy will assess technical, environmental and economic viability and work closely with clients to ensure they gain critical knowledge and business confidence.

We specialise in small to medium power generation, CHP and a wide range of renewable projects including biomass, solar, energy from waste and wind based generation.

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Business Development

We help companies achieve success in the energy sector. We offer a range of detailed services to sales and business development staff providing critical knowledge on market forecasts and growth expectations across the oil & gas, power generation and renewables sectors.

We analyze your capability and supply chain strengths and weaknesses and identify gaps in provision. We also work closely with you to develop a strategy for maintaining and growing market share and for the delivery of new and existing services.